3-Piece Fuchs Wheels
Custom 3 piece Fuchs/BBS wheels made from forged components, very light and very strong.  We
use the highest quality racing hardware from Germany with a Titanium bolt package that is also
available.  These are a true 3 piece design with (20) high strength bolts that fasten together all
three major wheel components (inner, center, and outer).  This makes changing offsets or
repairing damaged wheel components simple and more cost effective compared to a one piece

Widths range from 4.5" to 11" while custom offsets are designed to fit your specific chassis,
brakes, tire selection, and suspension.  With our experience and long history of satisfied
customers we can fit a custom set of wheels to your needs.

Base price is $3400 for a set of 4 wheels.  Price includes BBS motorsport wheel halves (polished),
forged and machined Fuchs* centers (genuine OEM forged), all hardware, BBS motorsport valve
stems, and assembly.  Custom finishes are available at an additional cost, there are endless
combinations.  Powder coating available in almost any color for $55 per wheel.  We can also send
them to one of the highly reputable re-finishers, such as Al Reed or Wheel Enhancement where
they can polish, anodize, and paint to replicate any of the factory Porsche finishes.  If you can
think of a finish, it can be done!

*For every un-machined 16x6 Fuchs core wheel you provide we will subtract $150 off the final
a 17x8 inch wheel with a
225 45 17 tire to fit under
all four corners of a
narrow body 911 (69-77).
 Shown on blue car at top
of page.
Left - 9x17 wheels, polished lips and paddles with
satin black webbing and hardware.  For the rear of a
customers SC/Carrera w/o spacers or oil line
interference.  Weight is  14.3 lbs. per wheel.
Porsche Alloy Open Ended Lug Nuts

Factory Porsche alloy lug nuts, open ended and machined with a radius.  Popular on applications
desiring the significant light weight advantage of the Porsche alloy lug nuts.  Since thread engagement
is easily visible by any race tech official, these lug nuts are often approved for use in competition
events, just like their steel counterparts, which have been known to damage the conical seating recess
in aluminum wheels.
$180 / set of 20            
Fuchs 9x15 and 11x15
shown with our 3 piece
9.5x17 and 11.5x17
wheels.  Clear anodized
lips with gray anodized